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  • 配电柜的操作规程
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Operating procedures
The distribution cabinet is the normal operation of the power distribution center of the ship and the equipment. No unrelated personnel may flip the switch on the board.
Second, after the generator set is started, the power screen lift switch should be used to accelerate manually and slowly until the generator enters normal operation, and the voltage and frequency reach the specified value before the switch can be switched on.
Third, after the power distribution board enters the distribution state, it is not allowed to arbitrarily pull the power screen lift switch, and the air circuit breaker's locking switch must not be used in non-emergency situations.
Fourth, the parallel operation of the generator should be strictly in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the merger vehicle conditions. It is necessary to pay attention to the phenomenon of reverse power(countercurrent) and failure of the parallel vehicle.
Fifth, should cut off the generator load first, and then empty load parking, no direct stop with the load。
When switching shore power, the power switches of the bank screen should be cut off first, and then the correctness of the wiring and phase sequence should be checked。 After confirming the correctness, the conversion of the shore power of the ship can only be implemented。 It is strictly forbidden to operate with load。
Distribution cabinets shall be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to keep the equipment in good working condition.
Eight, generator work, engineer personnel to carry out power plate operation, should concentrate on thought, careful operation, prevent accident, otherwise personal accident will be investigated for responsibility。
Charge and discharge panels are emergency distribution boards for ships. Turbine workers should regularly check their working conditions, ensure that low voltage power is sufficient at any time, and master the working conditions of the magnetic saturation regulator through the instrument on the board.
During normal navigation, the switches on the distribution board should be connected to ensure that the generator can be started at any time and can be put into use at any time when it is required.
The above points hope that the members of the wheel will strictly abide by them.

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